City of Chattanooga launches Affordable Housing Search Tool, a one-stop shop to discover low-cost housing units

City of Chattanooga launches Affordable Housing Search Tool, a one-stop shop to discover low-cost housing units

New online tool provides an interactive opportunity for potential tenants to shop for affordable housing.

Chattanooga, Tenn. (August 24, 2023) – Mayor Tim Kelly today unveiled The City of Chattanooga’s first-ever Affordable Housing Search Tool, an interactive, data-driven resource to help connect housing providers who offer reduced rental fee rates to those who qualify. The tool was created in collaboration with The City of Chattanooga and Bloomberg’s City Data Alliance.

The Affordable Housing Search Tool provides prospective tenants with a list of low-cost housing developments and complexes. Shoppers enter their household income and household size and the map and directory will update with housing providers who offer units matching that criteria. 

“We’re making great strides in expanding access to affordable housing in our city, and this tool is designed to help pair that supply with folks in our community who need it. It doesn’t matter what the affordable housing supply looks like if those who need it can’t find it.” said Mayor Tim Kelly. “Expanding the availability and accessibility of low-cost housing has been a top priority since Day 1. This is another step in the the right direction as we continue working toward ensuring that every Chattanoogan can find a place to call home”

Although there are several dozen providers listed, that does not mean that those providers have units currently available. The tool serves as a point of reference for potential tenants, who will need to contact the landlords and management teams to find out what they have available.

It is also important to note that this tool is not a comprehensive map of all affordable housing in Chattanooga. We have a strong start of housing opportunities listed, but it’s not a comprehensive list and only includes locations that offer subsidized housing through City of Chattanooga grants. There are naturally occurring affordable housing options and other providers who accept housing vouchers that are not currently in our database and will not appear in the tool. The hope is that as more people become aware of and use this new tool, more providers will want to be listed – and that the tool will become more comprehensive over time. 

More on Mayor Tim Kelly’s Ongoing Efforts to Reduce Homelessness:

Since entering office, reducing the number of people experiencing homelessness has been a top priority of his administration. Expanding access to affordable housing is one of the major tenants laid out in The Kelly Administration’s One Chattanooga Plan.

The Kelly Administration has been working to expand access to housing opportunities, placing almost 3,000 people into permanent housing and reported a 40% reduction in the number of people experiencing homelessness in our city compared to last year.

In 2021, The Kelly Administration proposed and The City Council approved a $500,000 grant through The American Rescue Plan to support the Eviction Prevention Initiative (EPI), a program supported by the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity and Legal Aid of East Tennessee. The program has prevented 275 evictions since its inception, giving 275 families more time and resources to get back on their feet.