COVID-19 Mitigation Grant Program

The COVID-19 Mitigation Grant Program has ended. All applications have been reviewed and all awardees have been notified.

Click here to see the full list of small businesses that received grants.

Mitigation Grant Program

(Funding Source: $500,000 from the Department of Economic & Community Development pending City Council approval)

$500,000 of the CHA 90-Day Stabilization Fund will create a competitive grant pool that will be used to provide relief to small businesses. The award of grant money will be discretionary and dependent on an evaluation committee that will review applications and make award recommendations. 

Funding under the Grant Program is limited and submission of an application does not guarantee that applicant will receive a reward or that funds are still available under the Grant Program. Grant recipients are responsible for payment of all taxes applicable to funds received under the Grant Program and must agree to the terms and conditions of the Grant Program prior to receiving a grant award.

Preferred deadline to apply by: May 31, 2020

Amount: $2,000 or $5,000  

  • Businesses that had 1-4 employees as of MAR 1, eligible to receive $2,000.
  • Businesses that had 5 or more employees as of MAR 1, eligible to receive $5,000.


Uses: Funds can be used as working capital. A business may receive a single COVID-19 grant award.


Preference shown to businesses directly impacted by executive orders issued by the government, including restaurants, barbershops, gyms and fitness centers, beauty salons, nail shops, tanning beds, etc.

  • Small businesses eligible for grants must be renting or leasing their spaces from a third party.
  • Must have employed 1-50 employees or workers (full time or part time) as of March 1, 2020.
  • Business’ primary location must be within the Chattanooga city limits. 
  • Must be located in a commercial space. (Exception: Small businesses that are primarily engaged in childcare or senior care services are allowed to be located within homes.)
  • Business must have been located in a commercial space for at least one year. 
  • Grants available to for-profit businesses only.
  • Grants will not be available to businesses that are franchised.
  • Grants will not be available to businesses that are affiliated with national or regional brands.


Must be able to demonstrate that government executive orders and/or laws, directives, recommendations, mandates, or policies related to preventing the spread of COVID-2019 aka Coronavirus, clearly discouraged, prevented, outlawed, or disrupted the business’ normal operations. 

  • Businesses must not be involved in any pending or current litigation.
  • Businesses must be operating with all required permits and licenses and in accordance with all applicable laws.

Examples of Documentation for a Completed Application:

  • Completed online application
  • Certificate of Existence from the State of Tennessee (if available and applicable)
  • Business license from Hamilton County
  • Business license from the City of Chattanooga
  • A written statement with a description of how the business was adversely impacted by public policies regarding Coronavirus prevention. Must be signed and dated by business owner, manager, or designee.
  • A written description of how the funds will be used. 
  • Priority will be given to applicants that can show a plan to use the funding to hire or retain workers.