Educators across the state of Tennessee will have opportunities to grow their knowledge and gain digital literacy skills through The Enterprise Center’s new Tech Goes Home Tennessee program.

With a list of 200+ interested Early Childhood Education Professionals already set to begin classes this February, Tech Goes Home (TGH) Chattanooga’s success led to the statewide expansion thanks to partnerships with Signal Centers, The Tennessee Childcare Resource & Referral Network, and TN Department of Human Services.

TGH Cha, modeled after the national, award-winning TGH program founded in Boston, provides technology as well as training to ensure participants gain the tools, education, and access required for 21st century skills development.

“As people approach technology differently, along with their varied experiences with it, we’ve learned to have a nimble approach with each class,” explained Sammy Lowdermilk, TGH Program Director. “Individuals are often reluctant to dive too deep into technology or the various resources and opportunities the internet provides, so our trainers as well as our curriculum will need to be adaptable to the learners in the room each time a class is conducted.” Read more here